2018 Sci Fi Retrospective

My sci fi retrospective for 2018! Sci fi has been my go-to entertainment for awhile but in 2018 I consumed quite a bit. This is a list of all that I watched, read and listened to – plus a list of my favorites from the year :)


Mars Season 2: loved this!

Travelers Season 2 & 3: (loved this! pretty light on the sci fi but great characters)

Lost in Space: (felt like it had bad writing & direction on most of the characters

Altered Carbon: very cool ideas but it got a little too dark for me with the sexual violence

Krypton: (lord help me I realllly wanted another sci fi show. only got thru 2 episodes


Stories of your Life (short stories) The short story the movie Arrival is based on is from this collection. Beautiful ideas in the stories. Loved it

Ancillary Justice (cool ideas, didn’t care for the main culture in the book tho)

Hyperion: So unique. Highly recommend this. I read the first book and I have no idea what’s going on – even still I can’t wait to read the next one.

Paper Girls (comic) – Loved this!

The Dialogues (comic) – fantastic ideas and science. More of a teaching book with a little bit of narrative story to present. The art’s pretty bad tho. It was distracting.


Altered Carbon: for once the TV show was better, didn’t care for the book

Nexus (book 1 & 2): Loved these! I’ll likely read book 3 in book form. I heard the narrator on the third book wan’t great

Children of Time : So unique. Highly recommend this. Hard sci fi about evolutionary biology and more.

Forever War: classic military sci fi with social message and interesting focus on time dilation

Old Man’s War: classic military sci fi, space marines with a twist

Entire 5th season Series (Book 1, 2 & 3) this was a wonderful unique blend of sci fi and fantasy. Mostly fantasy but just enough science to make the list

2001 Space Odyssey (GREAT companion to the movie! I finally get the movie now. The book was written in tandem to the film. The foreword explains how he and Kubisk worked together. Very interesting.)

Annihilation (cool idea, poor execution in the book IMO – I did not see the movie)

Edge of tomorrow (book movie was based on. I loved the movie but honestly I don’t remember the book very clearly)

Strange Dogs: (part of the Expanse Series. I can’t get enough of this series and world. Fascinating novella)

Vurt by Jeff Noon: a sci fi Brasil (as in the movie) meets Cronenberg meet Burroughs. So unique! Reminded me of the 90’s.

Artemis: Martian writer’s second book. Not as technical as Martian very fun tho

Three Body Problem: didn’t quite finish but really liked the ideas. I checked it out from the library and my time ran out. It was a little slow but good.


Hyperion (book)

Stories of your Life and Others (book)

Children of Time (audiobook)

Mars Series (tv)

Paper Girls (comic)

I feel like I may have forgot some from this past year… but it’s most of them. Can’t wait for Star Trek Discovery Season 2 to start up again in Jan 2019. What’s one of your favorite sci fis? I’m always looking for new ones.