The making of a Wolf wall sculpture!

On this Wolf mold, I typically use 4 layers for the lay up/ slush cast. #1 & #2 to cover everything, #3 for fiberglass (or burlap) reinforment & setting in the hanging device, #4 to cover up the reinforcement and additonally secure the hanging device. The whole process takes about 20-30 min. Btw, if I was to do this mold over I would DEFINITELY do a brush on mold.

Come see the Wolf in person this wknd! At @abewitchingfete Sept 21 & 22 – Pleaston, CA

SAFETY NOTE: Because I’m using Forton MG (modified gypsum stone) I don’t need gloves & there are no fumes. The mask in the beginning is for dust. If you are using resin please use gloves & a respirator!

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