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Plastic is a problem. For awhile, I’ve been trying to go plastic-free. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for plastic in surgery or for going to space. It’s unnecessary in my daily life tho. That said it can be super challenging to go plastic free. IT’S EVERYWHERE.

Some low hanging fruit is in the bathroom. Soap, shampoos & conditioners are all available in bar form. Boom! Plastic eliminated! Everything should be so easy! I’m convinced (but have no proof) that companies started selling those product in liquid form so we‘d use & buy more. We really don’t need single use containers that are made of petroleum and that last forever.

Somethings are hard to find plastic-free or they cost a ton. I’m cheap so that’s a no-go. Luckily I’m crafty AF so I make my own face soap, deodorant & lotion. Toothpaste & sunscreen are next on my list. I wish this was more accessible tho – you shouldn’t have to be rich or crafty to go plastic-free. That said, I’ve found just having it on my radar when I’m shopping helps me make better decisions even if I’m not 100% plastic free (yet!)

Do you have any favorite plastic-free products?


Amazing photo from Instagram by @haram_khor_ repost from @culturestrike & @wetheurban “One million plastic bottles are sold every minute. 91% are not recycled. We are living in an age of plastic & it’s at a crisis point. Honestly, nothing we use for five minutes should pollute our environment for hundreds of years. Wherever you are, take initiatives & encourage your friends to gradually live with less waste. Refuse it if you can’t reduce it! #PlanetOrPlastic ? “

Side note: Plastic recycling is problematic for a litany of reasons (lemme know if your curious & I’m list them). Compostable plastics are MUCH BETTER but still have a lot of issues with their life cycle. I find it’s just better to always look for a plastic free-option.