This time lapse is me mixing the dry components of my casting material & looking all snazzy in my coveralls ?

A lot of people ask me about my casting material – I rarely use polyurethane resin. I’m often on the hunt for non-toxic (or less toxic) art making options. I generally cast in Forton MG. It’s mostly non-toxic, you can use it indoors & you don’t have to prime it before painting. It sands beautifully. Its main ingredient is a type of
plaster (gypsum stone). Its durability is similar to a ceramic.

Forton is great once you get used to it. You mix 2 to 1 by volume (2 dry to 1 wet). The second image is all the Forton components. If you are curious about trying it, ask me any questions. Two other good non-toxic alternatives for casting are AquaResin & Duo Matrix Neo. I haven’t used AquaResin but I hear good things.

Always wear your respirator folks! Even with gypsum, if you use it all the time like I do all that build up is bad in your lungs.

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