I recently returned from the @waywardretreats. Looking at these photos makes me so wistful. It was amazing. I seriously needed a reprieve & this was perfect. The women that attend inspire me with their insights, know-how, vulnerability, wisdom & power. This year there was a intense connection to the island that I loved. It reminded me how rewarding getting to know a place and ecosystem can be. The last night was a crazy powerhouse of nature with an osprey, triple rainbow, pearl found in an oyster, full moon, deer skull delivered by a wonderful lab, giant crayfish and more. It was hard to decide what photos to share. I’ll post pics from our underwater photoshoot soon too! Needless to say, I came back refreshed and inspired :)

Photos by @leslielevingsart @lbonkee @ascherbic.wit @genkigecko

#quadraisland #magical #waywardladies #britishcolumbia
(at British Columbia)