The 2018 Wayward Ladies Art Retreat applications are open!

There’s a magical island I’ve been going to in Canada where female creatives become art witches by bathing in the heart of a forest. This retreat is super grassroots and lead by a core team of (amazingly organized) wonderful artists. It’s full of art, nature, meditation, discovery & connection. The retreat focuses on women who do art as their main vocation. All types of art disciplines are welcome: writers, dancers, comic artists, sculptors, etc… It’s a very inclusive place that welcomes all races, backgrounds, trans women & gender identities. If you have a question just ask them. They want everyone to feel comfortable and will respond thoughtfully & honestly.

If this sounds good I would encourage you to apply! Spots are limited to keep the retreat intimate. They also try to connect a diverse group of women so that there aren’t all one type of artist (e.g. 12 illustrators).

Dates: The 2018 Wayward Retreat will be August 13-18 (plus a travel day with us on each side)
IG & Twitter: @waywardladies
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Applications are open for the 2018 Wayward Retreat! What have past retreaters said about the experience?
“The Quadra Island retreat was galvanizing and therapeutic in equal measures, with pacing that rewarded both solo creativity and socializing. During the day, I could strike out on my own into the lush woods, pull the rowboat out on the lake for a contemplative float, or strip down and take a refreshing swim without fear or worry. I had personal space and time to write, think, chill with music, or interact with nature on my own terms. In the evenings, being surrounded by other creatives–many in different fields than mine–allowed me to hear how others tackled their own challenges, or thought of their own practice. Months later, I still find myself considering how the other participants would tackle an obstacle currently in my way.”
–Sarra, novelist