#Kickstarter I don’t often post my freelance commercial work (maybe I should!) That said, I’m pretty excited about this project – my first board game! It’s created by @elbowfishPDX & the game designer of Apples to Apples, Matt Kirby. My illustrations for the board game were inspired by old-timey nautical tattoos. We are still finishing up the project so there will be more art posted through out the month. This project has been really fun to work on! I’m not in the video – I couldn’t get video shot in time (the rest of the team’s in Portland) but my drawings are in there :) Support the Kickstarter if you like board games, it’s a fun one! Use this link to go to the Kickstarter page: https:// www.kickstarter.com/projects/elbowfish/shipwrecked-board-game-from-the-creator-of-apples @Kickstarter #CaptainCoconuts #boardgame #tabletop, #games, #illustration #lylawarren