#100daysofdrawing 17/100 “Home”: For months i’ve been living a transient gyspy lifestyle. Dreams of the perfect home have began to form as i narrow down what I want. I’m thinking of going full crazy gypsy & getting a home on wheels. It may be a tiny house (aka artisan trailer). Thru this home i can see thriving, saving money & creating a homey space for Titan & myself. I’m an ideal candidate for super small living: I’m very diy, I have very few possessions, I’ll have an art studio for work/art gear and i already watch my water/ electric use. I’ve gone on a research bender recently trying to understand the real practicalities. Turns out PARKING is the #1 hurtle if you don’t want to spend a ton of money at RV parks or trailer parks (turns out they’re pretty pricey). Homeowner friends – anyone want to rent part of their backyard for tiny house parking? :) (im totally serious btw) #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #vanlife # vanlifestyle #camper #watercolor #doneisbetterthanperfect #arttherapy