We’re going to JUPITER! I’m super excited to announce I’ve been chosen to be part of @NASASocial’s JUNO event. This event is promoting the @NASAJuno spacecraft arriving at Jupiter on July 4th! Before & after, I’ll be posting art about Juno & Jupiter, exploring why we’re going, what we’ll learn & what’s happening at Jupiter once we’re there. On July 4th specifically, I’ll be posting live from Juno’s birthplace, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory @NASAJPL. A small group of us will be backstage – including a visit to mission control & the Spacecraft Assembly Facility.

Yes I’m peeing myself. I’m also taking requests! Are there questions you have? Things you’d like me to focus on or cover? Primarily I’ll try to personalize the mission and tell it’s story. If there are things you’d like to see specifically let me know! https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/ (Image Credit: @NASA/JPL-Caltech) #Juno #Jupiter #NASASocial #NASA #orbiters #spaceexploration #spacecraft #science #STEM #STEAM #finalfrontier