Zona sculpture (character from Hominids comic)

This is a sculpture I created of “Zona” one of the main characters from Jordan Kotzebue’s Hominids comic. She is inspired by Jordan’s character but done in my style. I’ve been playing with rough textures and leaving in tool marks. She’s the leader of the tribe… for this pose I thought of her looking forward trying to make a hard decision for the good of her tribe.

10-Zona_2015 018

09-Zona_2015 044

08-Zona_2015 041

07-Zona_2015 032

06-Zona_2015 025

05-Zona_2015 014

04-Zona_2015 013

03-Zona_2015 046

02-Zona_2015 035

01-Zona_2015 009