It’s Uncomfortable Question Geek Time with Lyla! Part 1 (now w/ more boobs)

Should I go see Xmen: Days of Future Past? Ok, that’s not really an uncomfortable question & really only I can answer it. But the reason I didn’t run to the theater is there seems to be some problematic themes & circumstances that come with the movie.

I am wondering why more people aren’t asking – why is Mystique completely naked? Also – doesn’t it seem sexist that Mystique is naked?

I’ll explain my thinking. A woman works with mostly men but she shows up to work naked, like she was brought up on some Ferengi home world. Because this super kick-ass woman has THE major female role, she gets way more screen time & lines than any other (clothed) woman. Does it seem being kick-ass had to be partnered with being naked, eye candy to make her power more palatable? Doesn’t it seem like she also has to fight being seen as a fighting-fuck-toy because she is naked? Does it seem like she’s also fighting an uphill battle to not be belittled by objectification?

 Let me stop you if you say she needs to be naked to use her powers. You can’t go all bare ass logical in this comic book movie universe unless you do it for the male characters too. In that case, Hulk would be showing a lot more than his calves. If Mystique was a man I would bet top dollar he would not be naked. Even in just the comic book universe, if she needs to be naked why wouldn’t Martian Manhunter be naked? (yes I know that’s dc) Or then why wasn’t she designed that way in the comic books as well?


You say the X-men movies are made for guys? That argument is out-dated and I have a legions of geek ladies to prove it. Even if it was just for guys, is sexism ok if it’s just for a male audience? Isn’t that akin to saying racism is ok if it’s just for a white audience? It would seem that argument tells guys that sexism is awesome. I’m mainly asking this question because even on the pinko-commie, feminazi blogs no one seems to be questioning Mystique’s design. Why?

Some of you might be thinking,“Geez Lyla, it’s just a comic book movie!” Why ask these philosophical and political questions about a movie with super mutants? I ask because we spend so much of our time talking about, deconstructing, enjoying and creating these stories. They reflect and shape our perspective. Doesn’t it seem important to question what we are really looking at? Especially Xmen, that has famously been an allegory for civil rights?

I’m honestly asking the questions and not being rhetorical. People aren’t bringing up these points and I don’t understand why.

– Lyla

P.S. If your thinking of the “sex sells” cliché (usually manifested as objectification-of-women sells). I would point out the Marvel movie contemporaries have fully clothed women and they sold just fine (see: Avengers, Cap 1 & 2, Thor 1 & 2)

P.S.S. If you thought this was uncomfortable just wait for Part 2!