“Stitch” sculpture for Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery

The little guy is cleared to be shipped! I am happy to announce the 1st edition of “Stitch” will be at his new home Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery by this weekend.


Title: “Stitch”
Dimensions: approximately 13″ tall x 14″ wide x 5.75″ deep
Editions: Limited edition of 5 hand painted cast
Materials: Casts are polyurethane resin and acrylic paint (original sculpted in Monsterclay)
Price: $2000 each available at the Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery in Dowtown Disney, Anaheim

(This piece is a limited edition of 5, because each piece is hand-painted they will each be slightly different and have there own unique, natural variations. However the overall color scheme/ look and feel will be the same.)

Inspiration: “In ‘Stitch’, Lyla Warren’s wall relief sculpture, she tried taking a new spin on the beloved, little monster. Instead of approaching it like a sculpture of a cartoon she thought of him as if she was sculpting a living toy. This led her to make choices that gave him more real world substance. When creating his expression she thought about – what if your favorite toy couldn’t wait to hug you?”

On my Facebook acct I have been posting a large, in depth making-of gallery for this sculpture. I will post the same thing on my blog so everyone can see the steps. I might also include a materials list and the original concept drawings.

– Lyla