Animation All-Stars Auction benefiting artist Jamie Baker

Wanting to buy art but waiting for a good cause? The time is NIGH! The Animation All-Stars Auction benefiting artist Jamie Baker will be on Ebay very soon. Like the page for updates! Their will be wonderful pieces up for auction. Here’s the sculpt I’ll have in the auction “Old Knot” from the Tree Spirit Series. I’ll post the link when its up on Ebay.


Old Knot from the Tree Spirit Series


Who is Jamie Baker you ask?

Jamie is an amazingly talented feature concept and storyboard artist. You may not know his name but you’ve see his work in Pixar, Laika and Dreamworks films. Pull out some of your “Art-of” books he’s in there!

What happened to him?

“Last December Jamie suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that caused paralysis and loss of sensation on the entire right side of his body (yes, that means his drawing hand).  Since then he’s been working both sides of his arse off trying to get his mobility back, with the help of his amazing family and partner Julia, his friends, and doctors and therapists and specialized equipment. He’s making fantastic improvements, but it’s a long bumpy road to full recovery, and in his travel down it he’s accumulated medical bills that could keep a small nation going for months. Adding insult to injury, this happened within a couple weeks of his health insurance kicking in. Hence, an online art auction to help defray the enormous costs of his treatments.”

This auction is a great time to buy awesome art and have it benefit someone in need. And more so, give back to an artist who has given so much to American feature animation. More details soon!

Animation All-Stars Auction benefiting artist Jamie Baker