Happy Father’s Day! (and name change announcement)

Thanks to my great dad for being such a force for good in our lives! He taught us responsibility, respect, the true meaning of dedication and a love a science. O and how to drive a stick! Before becoming a geologist he was everything from a bee keeper to truck driver to theologian. So he also taught me that finding the right path can be a fun exploration and journey not a set in stone direction.

My dad, Chip (his nickname his real name is Haydn), is my step-father and I’m happy to announce that our family is making it official! My step-father, my sisters and I are doing an adult adoption. The man who has a been a wonderful father to us for 30 yrs will now be so on paper as well. We even get new birth certificates :)

The decision to change my name took me a year to decide. I was not obvious and we can all be glad I skipped a few of the more colorful ones. I would not change my name if I got married so a lot of factors went into the decision. That said, I’ve decided to take on Chip’s last name Fox so as of this fall I will be Lyla Fox! :) I’m thrilled for this wonderful new step for our family.

Happy fathers day