Grumpy’s first paint job

First week back in the studio… this little monster face makes me happy! These are some quickie camera phone shots of Grumpy’s first paint job. It’s not done yet but pretty close. After this “in the grass” background, I’m also doing a cityscape bg and sci-fi bg.

I’ve been trying out some more subtle paint work and getting a lot more comfortable with the airbrush. In the last photo you can see I was trying for some subtle vein work. Nothing too heavy just¬†burst capillaries. In this piece I played w/ “sag” a little. I like how its boob sags into its arm lol. The saggy fat neck was inspired by the Goblin King in the Hobbit. So much fun to sculpt! I’ve also been playing with a lot more texture these days. I really wanted to show the tiny wrinkles on the saggy neck skin and the cracked hard skin on the face. I love seeing the contrast.