O, Game of Thrones…

This SNL spoof pretty much sums up most of what I think of Game of Thrones.

I’m not saying people should feel bad for liking the show. I get it… dragons, battles and medieval fantasy! People are usually really surprised I’m not a fan. I’m not, only because it’s such an unequal show when it comes to the roles of the sexes. And before you state all the examples of “strong” female characters… let me ask you, how many times have you seen these “strong” women naked? How about the men, how many times have you seen them naked? (…and I’m not just talking about their shirts off) How many women are generally naked in the show? How many men? GOT is famous for parading primarily naked women across the screen. In the show, if women have to expose themselves (while the men remain primarily clothed) does it really feel like they are coming from a position of power?

For epic shows I would put Spartacus as way better than GOT. It has all the sex and battles. Great strong male and female characters but where it shines and GOT fails is equality. Spartacus shows many naked women and many MEN. It’s a shock, I know, men have cocks. There’s plenty of T&A as well as C&A. If everyone is showed in the buff it equals the playing field.

If this concept seems foreign to you, I would ask – doesn’t it seem if the camera lingers on primarily naked female bodies and the men are clothed… than it seems like a big part of the women’s purpose is to be paraded as f*ck objects while the men are just being their characters? I love that there are shows like Spartacus for epic action fans that are looking for a more equal option.

I wonder why we liberals and progressives often turn a blind eye when it comes to our entertainment? Doesn’t it seem like gender inequality becomes pardoned and justifiable when it comes in an entertaining package? It seems like a lot of shows are following this formula but it doesn’t seem like many people are pointing this inequality out.

Funny enough one of the GOT actresses did. Good for her.

“Tonks Chooses Interesting Language To Discuss Female Vs. Male Nudity On Game Of Thrones”

As I said, I’m not saying people should feel bad for liking the show. I am saying that not pointing this out and not recognizing the inequality is turning a blind eye. And if you do like the show asking the creators to give the men and women equal treatment is a good thing. Our entertainment informs the way we see the world… stories and fantasies have great power. If we look at something and say “it’s just a show” we are not recognizing the power story-telling has to shape our minds. How we see ourselves, women, men and the world are so informed by the stories we watch.