The Making of a Monster’s Inc VM95 Mashup (Part 2)

The Making of My Monster’s Inc VM95 Mashup Part 2

(read Part 1 here)

Now that the concept drawing is approved, the color comps are done and the sculptural elements are added… now its time to paint! Back before I got my sculpture studio I would just turn my second monitor around and look at my color comps on the screen. Now that my drawing and sculpture spaces are separate I use print outs.

This was my first project using an airbrush – it’s now an indispensable tool to me.  I had some trials and errors playing with different types of masks and learning the how to use the airbrush effectively. Only now after many projects under my belt so I feel like I’ve gotten better at it and know some of the ends and outs.

On a project, I tend to work on the whole piece at once building everything up at a relative equal pace.

Almost done…

And again here is the final! I topped it off with about 4 coats of clear coat matte Krylon to give the acrylic paint some protection. I tend to coat more rather than less. The very last step was creating a custom box for the show so who ever bought it would have something nice to take it home in. I’m happy to say it was bought first thing in the morning of Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery opening!

And Bonus here’s a little seen pick of the underside :) …

Hope you enjoyed this “Making-of”!

– Lyla