The Making of a Monster’s Inc VM95 Mashup (Part 1)

It’s been a tough month so I thought it might be nice to do a “Making-of” of one of my past pieces. I always take tons of process photos being a bit of a reference and documentation nut. I like being able to go back and see all steps of my process. The animator in me likes to go back and make sure I keep the life of the rough too so I don’t get too tight in the final stages of a piece. So here’s the story:

The Making of My Monster’s Inc VM95 Mashup

To start off here’s a peek at the final piece


The Call: when Disney approached me to do a Vinylmation 95 Lightning McQueen vinyl (or VM95) for their grand opening of Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery I was thrilled. I had never done a vinyl before (of any type) so the project sounded really fun.

They gave me a slew of Disney/Pixar movies to pick from, each one seemed like an excellent choice. I finally settled on Monster’s Inc, knowing the fun characters and vivid colors would make and excellent custom vinyl. These were the initial concepts for the vinyl:



The comments from Disney/Pixar was that they would like less sculptural elements and let more of the vinyl car show thru. So it was back to the drawing board for another round of concepts. I pride myself on being a copious idea factory. I like being able to come up with lots of very strong concepts. I’m pretty happy with all of these concepts and would have been happy to make any of them. Below you see the winner The Monster’s Inc Opening Titles car!


Now to draw the concept on the car:

Keeping the sculptural elements to a minimum was tough for me but I settled on just filling in the rims so they could look like eyes and filling in the curve of the spoiler so it could look like a door. I used two part plumber’s puddy to fill in those parts. It hardens on its own and sticks to about anything.

Next time for color comps! I almost always do digital color comps to play around with different color variations. I keep them sloppy and loose so I can just get an idea. Things will inevitable change when I start painting the real thing.

Next up PART 2!

– Lyla