“Snip” from the Tree Spirit series

Snip is a very young tree spirit barely more than a seedling. She happily wonders the lands – learning, meeting and growing. One day she will find a place to put down her roots but not for a very long time… there is so much to see before finding her true home.” Snip is part of the Tree Spirit series. She is #1, Old Knot is #2, #3 will arrive this spring.

Snip fun Facts:

  • Snip was inspired by looking at the deciduous winter trees in Denver… I thought what if the trees were upside down and would walk about like spiders. Creepy but then I ended up with her adorable face.
  • I grew up on Brian Froud, Alan Lee and Tolkien. Originally, I thought of Snip as a “baby Ent” but after more thought doing a Tree Spirit series seemed more fitting for me.

Early Snip concept art – Snip started out with a pinecone head but then I decided to save that for a different series called “The Seedlings” (TBA). You can see her evolution in these sketches and her not so mobile cousin “Stumpy”.