The GRUMP from the Peeking Monster series

The GRUMP¬† – my 3rd monster in the Peeking Series! I’m trying to create sculpts in a series as a opposed to one-offs these days. For this convention season, I hope to have 2 series done – the Peeking Set and the Tree Spirit set. If you’d like to see the other Peeking monsters they are here: and here: Can’t wait to paint this one!

More fun facts about The Grump – I’m always slightly memorized by fat… after watching The Hobbit I had to sculpt a saggy, fat neck immediately haha. Also I’m trying to incorporate more texture into my sculptures so the Grump has nubby thick skin and the sagging skin has tiny, thin wrinkles. Too much fun can’t wait to do the next one

– Lyla