Debuting – OLD KNOT from the Tree Spirit series

“Old Knot is an ancient tree dragon. He was once a tree but had been pushed to his edge through long struggling years. His anger twisting him into a malicious dragon. Behind that rage is a deep ,old sadness though. That part of him still resides in his quiet moments.” This duality of character is reflected literally in his design so that for about 300 degrees of the sculpture you see the angry side of the tree dragon, for about 60 degrees you see the sad persona – and yes, I always come up with these elaborate stories for my characters :) Old Knot is #2 in my Tree Spirit series.

Old Knot Fun Facts:

  • His face is loosely based on Peter Mensah (Oenomaus from Spartacus) but only if Mensah was an old angry Ent.
  • I really wanted to include some actual natural elements… so the colored scales on the tail are scales cut from a pine cone. I’m hoping to include more natural elements in future sculpts.
  • Soundtrack for making Old Knot: Baroness, Sandrider, Isis and one of my mixed tapes – Southbound: Georgia Mix on Spotify
  • Old Knot is currently being molded. I pick it up 1/30/13. I’ll have painted casts for Emerald Con!

On a technical note, I thought it would be interesting to share two factors that have a big impact on the design of my sculptures. These factors constrain the proportions and materials. 1) Toxicity: I cast in a more environmentally friendly material called Forton MG. It’s plaster based, durable but brittle. This means I can’t sculpt thin or unsupported parts. I need them to be very sturdy. Since a lot of my sculptures are nature based I feel it’s really important to try an stay away from toxic resins whenever possible. O, the irony of casting the love of nature in poison – and yes I’ve done it. 2) Mobility: My sculptures have to travel all over the US for gallery shows and conventions so they have to be a little rugged. I still handle them as if they are new babes but I know they have to sturdy enough to survive Fed Ex!


– Lyla