Maleficent as Dragon (finished piece)

This is the finished hand-painted, hand-cast edition of my “Maleficent as Dragon” relief for Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery! As with most of my pieces I learned a ton from this one as well :) I’ve become a better sculpture for quick molding. This piece was only 2 separate molds (as opposed to Mickey’s 15!). The teeth were added later to the head after casting. First creating them in Apoxie Sculpt then covering them with epoxy glue. I wanted them to be super strong to survive getting shipped across the country. All my pieces need to be rugged enough to withstand this so it’s a big part of my process. Painting and color were a huge part of this piece as well – creating digital color comps first helped me to get the variations of purple and reflected light just right. I can’t wait to apply what I learned to my next piece!

Inspiration: Maleficent has always been one of my favorite characters. Maleficent’s mix of elegance and wickedness makes her such an appealing villain even more so when she lets go of all reserve and becomes a beautiful and terrifying dragon. My piece is meant to revere the wilder side of one of Disney’s most captivating villains.

Title: “Maleficent as Dragon”
Dimensions: approximately 14″ tall x 10.5″ wide x 6″ deep
Editions: Limited edition of 5 hand painted, hand cast reliefs
Materials: Casts are polyurethane resin and acrylic paint (original sculpted from Monster Clay)
For Sale: Editions are available at the Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery in Dowtown Disney, Anaheim

(This piece is a limited edition of 5, because each piece is hand-painted they will each be slightly different and have there own unique, natural variations. However the overall color scheme/ look and feel will be the same.)

Malefient as Dragon by Lyla Warren

My favorite thing to sculpt by far was the dragon feet! If you see her in person check’em out :)

– Lyla