More sculptures for Trickster’s Halloween show

Presenting the painted “Minch”! (that’s what I’m calling this little creature).

This is my second batch of reliefs to send to the Tr!ckster store for their Halloween show. Be sure to go to the opening to see lots of great art!:

TR!CKSTER Store / Gallery Grand Opening: October 26th and 27th
(Halloween themed original art on display and other activities, TBA)
TR!CKSTER: 2631A Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA

A little about these reliefs, they are hand cast in polyurethane resin and marble powder. Sanded, assembled, primed and hand-painted by yours truly. The little antlers are made from Apoxie Sculpt. In the future I will try to design the mold/cast so that it’s all once piece (Minch is 3 pieces) so these might turn out to be a limited edition!