Mickey and the Beanstalk WIP

Hi all,

I just got approval to post work-in-progress images of my brand new Disney sculpt!

These picts are early previews of my “Mickey and the Beanstalk” maquette for Disneyland’s Wonderground gallery. Wonderground will be selling a limited edition run of the hand-painted casts. These images are of the sculpture in its raw clay state before being cast, painted and put on its final custom base (the base you see here is just a “working” base). My most technically ambitious sculpture to date, it has 15 different parts to be cast and assembled. I can’t wait to post picts of the final piece :)

This has been such an amazing and intense learning process too – in the future I will do a detailed making-of post to share some of what I’ve learned.

– Lyla “Don’t forget your respirator” Warren