The Mighty Gnome

Not many people know this but Gnomes like the Picts of old often sent their mightiest warriors naked into battle. These ferocious little fighters stuck fear into the hearts of their enemies with their indomitable charges. Free of armor or steel, shielded only by their stout hearts and tiny boots.

Or at least that’s the story I told myself when sculpting this ;) Here in Denver a few fellow sculptors (Brooke Howell and Ryan Trificana) and I have been having a weekly Sculpture Club. Sometimes we will pick a theme to sculpt by throwing a bunch of ideas into a hat and picking one at random. Last week’s theme was “Gnome”. The idea is to not spend a lot of time on the sculpt, just a couple of hours or so and to do a sculpture sketch just for fun. I almost never approach sculpture this way and it’s soooo nice.

Coming up next up: a sad, sad monster….

Long days and pleasant nights! (Just started reading the Gunslinger again :))

– Lyla