Monsters in Monster Clay


I just finished a tiny relief that’s part of a series called “Peeking.” The idea behind the series is monsters looking in from their world into ours – picture frames are the portals between worlds. I’ve wanted to play around with doing lots of small reliefs and this series was great way to get myself warmed up.

This piece is still a WIP. It needs to be casted & painted yet.

The Peeking idea didn’t start out as a series… I have a sometimes good and sometimes terrible habit of making WAY too many versions of a concept. I will need one drawing but instead do 10 – 20 concepts for that one drawing often with tonal studies before deciding on the final piece. I do this for almost everything – even small stuff. This is a really fun process but it can slow me down. Below are the 19 sketches that went into playing around with the monster idea. Sometimes when I look back at my flood of concepts I’m pretty happy with them all. This is such a case so I decided to turn it into a series!



Monster Clay

Another fun element to this piece is it’s the first time I’ve used Monster Clay. I recently bought a big tub of Monster Clay and thought something small would be a perfect test. I rarely work in a medium that doesn’t cure like oil-based clay or chavant but since I’m learning to mold I thought I’d give it a whirl.

It’s fantastic! I really love the diversity of Monster Clay. It softens nicely in your hands but quickly becomes firm to hold excellent detail. It’s a bit of a pain to get out of the tub, you need to set it in the oven to melt then then dig it out in small chunks. But once it’s out it’s a joy to work with. I don’t know that my Sculpey days are over I still like the idea of having a cured original… but Monster Clay is super fun. I highly recommend it.