Toy Story Sculpture

I’m so happy to finally post the full images of my Toy Story sculpture!! Now that Disney’s WonderGround Gallery has premiered I can post the full pictures. The opening was a complete success and so much fun :) I’ll be posting a full WonderGround Gallery recap soon and a “making-of” to show all the stages of the sculpture.

This Lylafied version of Jessie and Bullseye was a JOY to create. It was a real trick for me to come up with something that represented the characters that didn’t just look like an off-model version of the them. I wanted them to be easily recognizable but look like my style. I’m glad to say I’m pretty happy with the results.  The main concept behind the piece was “How would I play with Jessie and Bullseye if they were my toys?”. A rough and tumble version of them sounded just right. I’ve always loved the languid, aloofness of the old west characters in movies and old photographs. So for my own take on Jessie and Bullseye – a wind swept look with a latent swagger was just the attitude I was thinking of.