Monster’s Inc Vinyl Mashup

This is the 2nd piece I did for Disneyland (see the 1st piece here). Disney created a blank diy vinyl of Lightning McQueen (from the Cars movie) called a Vinylmation 95. They then gave it to a handful of artists to come up with something that was inspired by the new California Adventure Park. After seeing there was a Monster’s Inc exhibit I knew I wanted to do a Cars/Monster’s Inc mash up! The design is a painterly take on the iconic opening titles of Monster’s Inc.

It’s my very first vinyl and my first time using an airbrush. I had recently watched a Drew Struzan video with Travis where he showed his technique using an airbrush and it got me very interested in the tool. On this vinyl I don’t use his technique but he was the inspiration to try it out. I laid in flat color with the airbrush then used a normal paintbrush over some parts to give it texture.

I’ll be posted a making of to show the steps in making it and some of the different early concepts I came up with. I also did slight sculpting modifications to the vinyl, some of my earlier concepts had much more sculpting involved. Oh and a fun side note, we all had to make our own box so that when they were purchased the buyer would have something to take them home in :) See some of the other Vinylmation95′s here! 

See more angles on the vinyl here: