Kid’s Day at C2E2

Sometimes at C2E2 I felt like I was at a Hustler convention….

It’s no secret that I’m opposed in general to the dehumanization of girls and women by treating them as f*ck-objects. I find it particularly creepy how accepted and celebrated it is in many main stream comics. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all to see a Maxium, Penthouse, etc.. booth. The day that was most acute was on “Kid’s Day” There were tons of children and it seemed so wrong. It felt like a training seminar on teaching little girls and boys how to define women. Hey Kids, The letters for today are T and A.

There are so many things I could say… with all their power as artists this is what they choose to say to the world? But pictures can explain it better than I can. This is a tiny, tiny portion of what I saw at C2E2… dear lord, this bums me out.