Emerald City Comic Con Success

I did it! My first convention was a success :) Seattle treated me very well. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi! I didn’t get much of a chance to look around the convention but luckily I was surrounded by great artists on all sides…

My booth mate, Jordan Kotzebue, killed it – selling tons of the printed versions of his web comic. (check out his post about the con here)  I was so happy to share a space with such a cool and talented guy. His partner Lindsey was wonderful too helping us pull it all together. Jordan works at Pop Cap and we were nestled in the Pop Cap artist alley group. Erin Middendorf was another Pop Capper her delightfully geeky pottery was flying off her table, she sold out by Saturday! Karin Madan, Dev Madan and Lawrence Ruelos were just a few of the other fantastic Pop Cap artists around us. Most importantly Travis Kotzebue, my partner in crime, was so hugely supportive… without him, it would have been a much harder convention and way less fun!

All my pre-con nervous energy paid off because I was completely over prepared: way more stock, supplies and displays than I needed. Better than the reverse, of course. My Guardian t-shirt and Training Day poster were very popular. I sold quite a few of the Fauns prints and postcard sets as well.

The show had a lot of talent and excitement bubbling through the aisles. The only downside was the really objectifying art of women (some verging on soft-core). A lot of kids and families came to the show and it seemed so lame to teach them that’s how a large population define women. BUUUT that said, there was a lot of great art that had a completely different and fabulous voice. I was excited to be among them :)

We wrapped up the convention with a raucous night seeing Hot Snakes at Neumos. I’m a new fan of the band and it was a ridiculously rock out show! I highly recommend them.

I can’t wait for C2E2 in Chicago next week!

Check out all the ECCC pics here: https://picasaweb.google.com/107919090139094693138/EmeraldCityComicCon2012?authuser=0&feat=directlink