C2E2 Wrap Up

Check out all the  fun photos and awesome costumes here:


Just back from C2E2 and wanted to do a wrap up of my second convention! As you might expect, it was a fantastic leaning experience… sharing a table with Nidhi Chanani made all the difference. She is a wonderful person and artist. Watching people’s faces light up as they encountered her work was so inspiring. It invigorated me even more to ponder the role of the artist/illustrator to effect change and give people different perspectives on the world.

Alas… all that said… I don’t know that I’ll go back to Chicago . It was larger than Emerald City Comic Con and felt like it was almost 90% T&A drawings. I hate being negative about others art but to be honest I was a little bored with the art there… it seemed people were mostly copying each other in a creepy T&A loop. Con-goers seems really excited to see something different. I got a ton of comments from the conventionites hat they loved seeing work that had different types of content. At both ECCC and C2E2 I heard it over and over again, people are hungry for something different in illustration and comics. Especially on Kids Day… but I will leave that to my next post!!

I bought a few lovely prints and I met a few nice artists. I look forward to following up with them. And there was something really cool about this convention that I’ve never seen before… a big black audience! It was the largest attendance of African Americans I’d ever seen – guys and girls – so maybe C2E2 will lure me back eventually :)